| Setup Brother Wireless Printer

The detailed explanation to connect your brother printer using to the Wi-Fi network is listed here. Get the downloading and installation procedure in this guide for your brother printer driver. Also, make sure that you have a proper internet connection and both your printer and device are connected to the same wireless network. Now, if you are in need to review system requirements or a printer driver, you need to visit

How to Connect Brother Printer Driver to Desktop Wirelessly?


If your printer contains a wireless connection, follow the steps below and establish the connection procedure.

Via WPS Connection Method

  • First, locate the WPS pairing button on your brother printer.
  • Next, click the WPS button on the printer.
  • After that, you need to tap the corresponding button given on your router within two minutes.
  • You can locate the WPS button on your printer find the other controls.
  • Thereafter, you are required to download the printer drivers through to complete the setup.
  • After that, press the button and complete the setup.

Via Control Panel Button

  • If your printer does not acquire a WPS button, go to the printer settings.
  • Now, open the Wireless Settings on the control panel of your printer.
  • Then, follow the instructions prompted on your screen.
  • In the next step, you need to provide the Wi-Fi network name.
  • After that, enter the password for your network.
  • Once the wireless connection is set, your desktop will automatically detect the printer.
  • Now, a compatible printer driver will be installed automatically.
  • And if it didn’t, you need to visit and download the Brother printer driver.

How to Add Your Brother Printer to the Computer via USB Cable?


If you need to establish the connection of your printer using the USB cable to the computer, here are the steps.

  • First, you have to check the ports on the rear side of your printer and desktop.
  • Next, verify which cable type will be compatible with establishing the connection.
  • Also, you must know that there are three types of cables:
    • The Ethernet cable
    • The parallel cable
    • And the USB AB cable
  • Now, verify which one of the cable types will be compatible with both devices.
  • After that, attach the cable to your printer and desktop.
  • Once the setup is complete, your computer will automatically detect the printer.
  • Next, it will automatically download the compatible printer driver.
  • If there is any issue during downloading, download the printer driver directly via

How to Download Brother Printer Driver Using

If you need to download a printer driver, software, or tools for your Brother printer, follow the instructions below.

  • Open a browser on your Mac OR Windows device.
  • Then, click on the URL box and enter in the blank space.
  • Next, press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Click the Download button to start downloading it.
  • Now, you need to type your Brother printer model on the required field.
  • You can also search by the product category and select the Brother printer model from the list.
  • Select the Operating System family & version from the list.
  • Then, click the OK or Search button.
  • After that, tap the Show All option to open the list of available downloads.
  • Click on the filename that you have to download.
  • Now, you will get the installation process for the printer driver.
  • Click the Agree to the Eula and Download option.
  • Tap on the Save button to start the driver downloading procedure from
  • Lastly, tap the Close button.

How to Install Brother Printer Driver From

In order to install drivers, tools, and software for your Brother printer, do the following steps.

  • Start downloading the printer driver from
  • Next, go to the Downloads folder and locate the downloaded printer driver file.
  • After that, you need to read and accept the license agreement and click on Yes.
  • Then, choose a connection method and click the Next button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the connection procedure.
  • Choose a Brother printer from the list and click on the Next option.
  • Now, the driver installation procedure will start through
  • After that, wait for a few minutes.
  • Click on the Next button on the Complete Setup window.
  • Lastly, select the software update setting and tap on the OK button.


Question: How can I connect my Brother wireless printer without cable?

Answer: Setup Your Brother machine to the wireless network with the following steps:

  • Connect your power cord to the Brother machine and socket.
  • Click the Menu button on the control panel of your printer.
  • Tap the Up and Down arrow keys to choose WLAN and click OK.

Question: How can I reinstall my Brother printer online?

Answer: Here is how to reinstall my Brother printer online:

  • Turn on your computer and open your browser.
  • Now, enter to visit the official website.
  • Search for your printer model and tap the Download on the supporting software.
  • Click on the Download button when the download link appears.

Question: Where should I find the WPS PIN on the Brother printer?

Answer: To find the WPS button on your printer, follow these directions.

  • Click on Network.
  • Tap on WLAN to display the WPS PIN code.
  • The LCD will display the 8-digit PIN, and the machine detects the access points for at least 5 minutes.

You can also visit to open the online manual.