4 Best Workout Headphones & Earbuds You Can Buy In 2022

A workout or exercise is not the same thing for everyone. You could be lifting in a gym, going out riding a bike or going for a long run. That’s why getting the best headphones or best workout earbuds for your workout can attach to your motivation to keep moving, whether it is podcasts, music, or audiobooks that move you while stooping a sweat. All of these things are suitable for delivering something motivational or inspirational when you are forcing yourself.

If you are wearing the best workout headphones or best workout earbuds, that means you can give your best in the gym compared to any other. These headphones or earbuds are much more effective because after wearing this, you can get lost in your workout set. Having the best workout headphones is good for your exercise set. These best workout earbuds give the beats in which you get lost and lift much more weight compared to lifting weight without wearing these earbuds.

1. Jaybird Vista 2

For audio customization and durability, the Jaybird Vista 2 comes out as one of the best you can get. The original Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds were a high step in this direction, but this second try gives a lot of the otherwise missing pieces correct. An IP66 rating provides these a higher sweat and water resistance level for starters. The brand makes them well suited to any workout or run. Jaybird Vista 2 considers them crushproof, waterproof, drop-proof, and sweatproof, so it is reasonable to expect all these earbuds to assist a certain level of punishment.



  • Sound customization abounds
  • Good sound quality
  • Ambient modes and decent ANC
  • Comfortable fit and rugged design
  • The case is trackable and water-resistant
  • Nice battery life


  • aptX support would have been amazing
  • Still just as heavy as before

2. Treblab X3 Pro

You do not have to give a lot to get a lot, and that is important what you get with the Treblab X3 Pro. Their ear hook shape is amazing for stability, especially when you are being enabled and do not need the earbuds to fall out at a bad time. With stability, you frequently get better comfort, and the two make go together well.

You make get Beast-style sound quality, so if you are into strong bass, you will feel at home running to tunes coming through. There are no actual desired sound treatments beyond that, including the forgetting of an app for customization anything, so what you listen to is going to be what you have.



  • Comfortable fit
  • Bass-heavy audio
  • Solid water resistance
  • Decent controls
  • Long battery backup


  • No ambient mode
  • No ANC
  • The case is bigger than average

3. Jabra Elite 7 Active

The Jabra Elite Active 85t and Elite 75t are still available, but they are not quite as ruggedized or specification packed as these are. Plus, you are better suitable for longer workouts and runs. Jabra provides the Elite 7 Active with an IP57 rating, which may not look incredibly big, but it is big enough to have you that extra bit of water and sweat resistance. It is necessary to push the toughest while trying to meet a target.



  • Amazing fit and comfort
  • Wonderful audio quality, including ANC
  • Reliable switch controls
  • Very nice durability
  • Great app support
  • Nicer color choices


  • Do not submerge them in liquid
  • Call quality is not as nice

4. JLab Epic Air Sport ANC

There are two points that JLab earbuds sound got correct about Epic Air Sport ANC off the bat. The ear hooks recommend that stability is as important to the overall design as suitability is. These earbuds are much more effective and flexible enough to discover a happy medium in various types of aspects, even if they adjust does not feel good the first time. When it comes to hearing something with them, the default audio signature is a nice starting point that you can get through the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC app.



  • Very suitable fit with extra tips
  • Good sound quality
  • Pretty nice durability
  • Ridiculous battery backup
  • Nice app support
  • OK ANC mode


  • Mediocre phone call quality at amazing
  • Touch controls require work
  • The case is bigger than the most


Is it better to go to exercise with the best workout headphones or the best workout earbuds?

Generally talking, those who take forward more cardio-focused workouts, like doing hard abs workouts, and running, will typically advantage from a lightweight, attentive pair of in-ear buds. On the other hand, the one who focuses much more on strength training and similar may love a connection of traditional over-the-ear headphones.

Are the workout earbuds more damaging than the workout headphones?

While both headphones and earbuds present the risk of long exposure and maximum decibel levels, earbuds are generally more likely to affect or cause damage. Since earbuds are placed right inside your ear and are very near to the ear canal, they naturally increment the volume by around 9 decibels.

Can I utilize headphones or earbuds for intense working out?

If you love sound quality over comfort, you do not decide on doing very high-intensity workouts or doing exercise, at least not with the headphones on, and if you do not need to buy an extra pair of headphones just for exercise, over-ears will do well for you.

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